I'm not going to take much of your time.  You are a parent, which by definition means you try to fit 30 hours of stuff into a 24 hour day While we probably have not met, let me guess, do you... Feel tired Have trouble sleeping Feel Stressed Wish you had more energy Well, I click to continue...


Brain Fog. Need I say more?  Come on parents - let's be honest, we all have it.  I consider it a win if I can actually get my kids' names right...within three guesses. I decided to spend the rare moments when my brain fog actually lifts to do some research on what could help boost click to continue...

Baobab Ice Cream

It's hot and you need to cool down.  You can hardly move, getting out of the chair feels like a herculean task.  You need... ice cream!  You need that cool sweet treat freezing your insides. But what happens after you finish that giant bowl of ice cream.  Sure it was cool and delicious, but it was click to continue...


We have been in training for weeks for the Natural Products Expo East.  You know, eating dirt, insects and making smoothies from some pond scum we found growing in a puddle behind our house. You know what that was right there...horrible stereotypes about what eating natural and healthy is all about.  True, 10 years ago click to continue...


  We are down at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore (9/16-9/19) looking for great natural products that Dads, Moms and kids will love.  Expo East is a showcase of the best natural and organic foods, supplements and personal care products.  Basically you walk up and down the aisles of the Baltimore convention center click to continue...

Misfit Flash

At 11:45pm last night I started running, like a caged rat, in my basement.  The night before, much to the amazement of my sleepy cat, I started walking loops around my house.  While this may sound like the actions of a Dad who has spent a little too much time around glue sticks, there is click to continue...


You may not know this about me, but I am an endurance athlete.  In fact, believe it or not, for the past 12 plus years I have been actively involved in a continutous 24/7 endurance event that is grueling, exciting, frustrating, rewarding,  stressful, fantastic, exhausting and life changing.  Perhaps you know this endurance event by click to continue...


We will drink green drinks that look like something a Llama should drink.  We will eat food bars with the consistency of rubber wrapped in cardboard.  We will eat chips with so many live enzymes, there is a 87% chance the chips will crawl back out of our stomach.  Yes, we will do all this click to continue...

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It’s Official, Kale is King!


How long before Disney options the rights to Kale.  Come on, who doesn't love a good rags to riches story?  Hmm, I wonder how one becomes the agent for a green leafy vegetable... Way back in the day, kale was an inexpensive dark, leafy green - a sort of poor man's lettuce.  Back in these click to continue...

Privacy Policy

As parents we have all broken into a cold sweat when we take the kids into a store filled with fragile gifts and we see the dreaded sign - "If You Break It, You Buy It!" I always found that policy a little strong and didn't convey the best customer service.  Now, General Mills has click to continue...

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