Xploderz X2 Mauler 1000

Loading?  Who has time for loading these day!  Last year, the Maya Group introduced the Xploderz line of gel ball blasters.  You can read (and watch) our full review of the Xploderz here, but the major downside to the Xploderz was the need to click a lever each time you wanted to load a gel click to continue...

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Koosh solar recon blaster

It's not easy being a kid.   Homework to do, rooms to be cleaned, constantly needing to teach your parents how to operate the DVR.   Kids need a way to let off a little steam, and what better way than firing off some projectiles at your siblings? Last year we did our article on the Top click to continue...

Toy Fair 2011 Coverage

We saw some amazing education toys at Toy Fair 2011, but we will not be writing about that today.  We also saw some impressive socially responsible toys at Toy Fair, but we will not be writing about that either today.  Sometimes you just want to shoot things and THAT is what we will be talking click to continue...


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