Virtual Reality PC

Reality, I think it is time I see other realities.  Don't take it personally, it's not you, it's me.  I mean, you have your gravity, logic, physics and consequences - which are all totally cool, but I just need a little more freedom at this point in my life.   I need to experience what click to continue...

Mother's Day

Is today April Fools Day?  A reader just asked when we were going to provide some Mother's Day coverage.  Mother's Day...again?  Is this some type of prank?  I believe it was just about a year ago that we somehow managed to survive the once in a millennium stress storm that was known as Mother's Day click to continue...

2011 Top Toys

I know what you're thinking - Do We Really Need Another Top Holiday Toys List? Ah, but this list is different, because we don't know anything about the toy industry!  Introducing... All those other best toy lists are based on things like understanding the toy industry, knowing how much money is being spent on marketing click to continue...

Fun Toys for Summer by Dad Does

UPDATE: We have now released the Updated Best Summer Toys for 2012 Guide. Click here to read our Guide to the Best Outdoor Summer Toys for 2012 Summer is here!  The sun is shinning, the days are long and most importantly - schools out!  Summer is the perfect time for kids to get outside and click to continue...


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