SensoTouch 3D Heads

I always thought there were really only two negatives to being a guy.  First, we will all need to endure a prostate examination at some point in our life and second, we have to deal with the hassle and discomfort of shaving every morning.    Now Philips Norelco is claiming they have knocked one of the click to continue...

MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer Review

There are so many things that suck about getting older, but for me, turning into a hairy beast definitely makes the top 10.  I am in no way vain, I could not recognize "good style" if it bit me in the nose, but I am still conscious enough to realize that hair growing out of click to continue...


This is tough, coming up with a clever headline for a review of Bulldog Natural Grooming products. Maybe, I should go with... Dads, Tired of Shaving and Still Not Looking Like a Bulldog? We Got You Covered! Your Bulldog Envy Ends Today... With Bulldog Shaving Gel, Every Dad Can Look Like a Bulldog! If Bulldogs click to continue...


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