We really enjoy useful, well designed gadgets that do what they promise.  We love it when gadgets do MORE than they promise! The Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker by Aspenta promises to keep tabs on your vehicle, but in reality it can also keep tabs on your laptop bag, suitcase, chello, backpack...pretty much anything! Please watch click to continue...


When your teenager says he is just driving to Jimmy's house, is that all he is doing? Does your teen have a lead foot? Did someone just steal your car? Maybe, most important of all, who keeps stealing your lunch? All of these questions can now be answered thanks to the eZoom GPS Tracker.  The click to continue...

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You're driving along, kids screaming in the back, DVD player turned up so loud you secretly wish your ear drums would pop and end your agony.  But then it happens, the magically GPS voice starts talking to you - what did she say?  Was that "turn right in 200 feet" or  "turn on the light click to continue...


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