Unlucky 13

For the last week, I have been having trouble sleeping - something has not been right.  I couldn't figure it out, since it was a great week for Dad Does.  Our Father's Day Gift Guide 2012 has been well received.  Readers seem to appreciate the fun and unique Father's Day gift ideas in the guide.  click to continue...

Warner Brothers Gift Pack

I am so excited that my kids just told me they were taking away my sugar privileges for the next 3 days.  Father's Day, clearly the greatest holiday ever invented is quickly approaching and this year will be be the best Father's Day ever! As a Dad Blog, we have certain powers bestowed on us click to continue...

Biscotti Tv Phone

A couple of months back we reviewed the Biscotti Video Phone ($149).  The Biscotti Video Phone is actually not a cookie, rather it is a very cool gadget that turns your TV into a HD Video Phone and Video Chat machine!  Click here to read our full hands-on review of the Biscotti Video Phone and click to continue...

Tax Day Contest

Tax Day is normally April 15th, but because the 15th is a Sunday and the 16th is Patriot's Day - April 17th becomes the day we all dread.  Yeah, I get that the government needs some serious cash to operate, but it still smarts having to write those tax checks on April 17th. We were click to continue...


Remember pens?  Those funny things we used back in the day before emails and texting?  Guess what - turns out people still use these relics from the prehistoric ages.  Wait, it gets better...not only do people still use pens, companies are still developing new technologies to make pens better!  What's next - a phone that click to continue...

Coupon Value

Take a look at the above screen grab taken on 2/28/12 for the DadDoesBlog YouTube Channel.  No, we are not talking about the dancing robot with hearts for eyes - what's so special about that?  No, we are talking about the number of views to our little YouTube let's blow it up a little click to continue...

Tasty Tuesday

New to Dad Does Tasty Tuesday?  Click here to read more.  Want the short version?  We get lots of food and snacks - some is tasty, some is terrible.  All day today we are talking about some of the tastiest treats we have tried here at Dad Does.   Hmm, maybe we should also start a click to continue...

Snow Joe Ultra Snow Throwers

Isn't snow great?  As snow starts to fall, my kids immediately start thinking about a snow day, sledding and building snow forts.  My wife checks if the cross country ski trails are open.  I put the chiropractor's number on speed dial as I start stressing about how my back will hold up to the shoveling click to continue...


Forget Cyber Monday, Welcome to Lucky Monday!

Win Here

Today is Cyber Monday, which means you should be shopping online for some great holiday deals.   Instead you are here reading this post, which is awesome because we believe a good deal should be when you get something for nothing!  Parlay a little luck into a Motorola Xoom tablet ($700).  Rub that rabbit's foot the click to continue...

VTech Basket

Sometimes we have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees.  We have been so caught up in our Giving for Good Giveaway - loving the fact we are giving away the best toys of the year ($800) to both readers and families in need AND giving away up to $1,000 in cash to click to continue...

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