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Win $1,400 in The Best Toys for 2012

A Giveaway For the Grownups! This toy giveaway has ended, but if you are reading this before 12/13/12, you can still enter our $520 IOGEAR Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway. Enter to win awesome gadgets and gifts to make your movie night super cool. Ends 12/12 I am so excited that my kids just threatened to click to continue...

Warner Brothers Gift Pack

I am so excited that my kids just told me they were taking away my sugar privileges for the next 3 days.  Father's Day, clearly the greatest holiday ever invented is quickly approaching and this year will be be the best Father's Day ever! As a Dad Blog, we have certain powers bestowed on us click to continue...

Biscotti Tv Phone

A couple of months back we reviewed the Biscotti Video Phone ($149).  The Biscotti Video Phone is actually not a cookie, rather it is a very cool gadget that turns your TV into a HD Video Phone and Video Chat machine!  Click here to read our full hands-on review of the Biscotti Video Phone and click to continue...

Coupon Value

Take a look at the above screen grab taken on 2/28/12 for the DadDoesBlog YouTube Channel.  No, we are not talking about the dancing robot with hearts for eyes - what's so special about that?  No, we are talking about the number of views to our little YouTube let's blow it up a little click to continue...

Outdoor Science Day

Mark your calendars - you are not going to want to miss Scientific Explorer's Outdoor Science Day.   This is the day when families spend the whole day outside, doing some fun science experiments.   So, get ready - because Scientific Explorer's Outdoor Science Day for 2011 is tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or the day click to continue...


Update: 3/29/11.  The giveaways have been given away.  Hopefully, 10 people had a less sucky Monday.  We had so much fun, we will do this again.   If you have not already, Join Us so you can get in on the fun next time! Thanks. Today is Friday - who doesn't love Friday?  Then you have click to continue...


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