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You would think that a game developed in 1947, with the word "electric" in the title, would be a dinosaur in a museum today.  Somehow, Classic Electric Football by Tudor Games, 67 years after it was first released, is still shaking strong in 2014. The premise of Red Zone Electric Football sounds insanely simple - click to continue...


There are plenty of games that teach our kids skills like reading, math and logic - but what about the real skills they need in life?  Some day our kids will grow up and have kids of their own.  When their kids make them the world's most disgusting breakfast in bed, they will have to click to continue...

Brain Box The USA

How much information can you observe and retain in 10 seconds?  No, this is not some new psychological experiment for adults, but rather the premise for Brian Box The USA from University Games.   In BrainBox USA, kids are shown a card of one of the states (or a region of the USA) and given click to continue...

You've Been Sentenced! review

When was the last time your kids talked about verbs, grammar and sentence structure - while laughing hysterically and having a great time?  If you happen to own You've Been Sentenced! by McNeil Designs for Brighter Minds, this is probably a regular occurrence in your house.  For the rest of our readers, you must be click to continue...


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