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No offense to my home, but it is just not the smartest home around.  If I want the lights to turn on, I have to flick a switch.  If someone enters my home while I'm away, what does my home do?  Nothing!  Clearly, my home needs to get smarter. If my home is going to click to continue...

iopener 4

Everyone talks about how smart smartphones are today.  Sure, your iPhone can tell you if you need an umbrella and exactly where to find a pub when traveling in distant lands.   All sounds great, but what if you get to said Pub and they have a wonderful collection of bottled beers but not a bottle click to continue...

Atrix Laptop Dock

Dads and Moms, if you were going on vacation and could bring only one gadget with you - which would it be - phone, still camera, video camera or laptop?  Don't like the pressure of choosing?  Get the Motorola Atrix 4G and you get a phone, camera (5MP still and 720p HD video) and laptop click to continue...

emWave2 from HeartMath

Back when we were endlessly walking the aisles of the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES 2011) we happened upon a company called HeartMath.  They gave us a quick demo of the emWave2, which they told us is a sophisticated yet simple technology to help you increase personal balance, energy, and overall well-being.  Sounded good, but click to continue...


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