father’s day 2012

What Does Dad Do?

“Both of my boys were down playing their Nintendos the whole time,” he said, “because this is what Dad does.” - New York Times 6/14/2012 Finally, the New York Times has come forward and told us what "Dad Does".   Just in the nick of time, right before Father's Day, we get to learn what Dad click to continue...

Better Late Than Sucky

Holy crap - look at the calendar.  Less than one week to go until Father's Day 2012 (June 17th, 2012) and you still don't have an awesome gift for Dad.    Fear not, we can tell your intentions are good and maybe you just thought Father's Day was July 17th.  Okay, time is not on your click to continue...


You can't contain a Father's Day Gift Guide to just one page - it just isn't possible. Father's Day is simply too important to have a one part Gift Guide, so we happily move on to Part 2 today. If You Missed it, Make Sure You Read Part I of the Ultimate Fun Father's Day click to continue...


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