I know, we are supposed to praise Facebook for its ability to keep us all connected, but really who hasn't thought..."I might just unfriend the world if I get one more update that has a photo of some cute cat doing anything!"  Over 1 billion people connected on a social network and what do we click to continue...

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Take a look at the above screen grab taken on 2/28/12 for the DadDoesBlog YouTube Channel.  No, we are not talking about the dancing robot with hearts for eyes - what's so special about that?  No, we are talking about the number of views to our little YouTube Channel...here let's blow it up a little click to continue...


If you need me, I'll be here ducking behind this desk.  Yes, I expect to take some grief for leading with a headline that knocks the biggest social networks in the galaxy.  With 800 Million users it often feels like every living person, and half of the deceased, are on Facebook.   Twitter is THE place click to continue...

Pampers 50th Birthday

In case you missed it on your local news - let me explain what happened. 4,000 plus people, complete with pitch forks, torches and dirty diapers marched to the Pampers Headquarters.  The mob chained themselves to the front door, and refused to leave until Pampers agreed to do a First Father's Day Cook-Out for new click to continue...


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