Our bags are packed with the essentials... External Battery Packs Video Cameras Snickers Bars We are all set to cover the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas! In 2016 CES had over 177,000 attendees and spanned over 2.4 million square feet of exhibitor space.  Companies from all over the globe come to show click to continue...


11 Best Tech Gadgets of 2015

Top Tech Gadgets 2015

The holidays are upon us.  Time is short.  No time for words. Over on our YouTube Channel we reviewed a whole bunch of cool tech gadgets in 2015, here we pick 11 of our favorites... httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4_-fejYCMQ Here is a playlist of full reviews of all 11 products. Here are the full review videos for all click to continue...

LightUp Edison Kit Review

I ask you, is there anything that magnets don't make better?  Our love of magnets is well documented, but that love just grew stronger with the LightUp Edison Kit. We first saw the LightUp electronics and circuit building kits at Toy Fair 2015, but now we have had a chance to play and learn with the click to continue...


Life as a parent is complicated enough, so I am all about anything that makes life easier.  My gadgets need to start pulling their own weight and stepping up their game.  One dimensional is so 2010, we need gadgets that can serve multiple roles and lighten the amount of crap stuff we lug around when click to continue...

Roku Streaming Stick

Do you ever look at your TV and say, "Hey, you're not so smart.  My phone can stream movies from Netflix and let me watch cats playing piano on YouTube - but you just sit there showing me reruns of Seinfield."  Okay, let's just skip over the oddness of having a conversation with your TV click to continue...

ThinkPad 8

There are many things that are in short supply in this world.  Astatine (Google it), drinkable water and a good slice of pizza outside NYC immediately come to mind.  What probably does not come to mind are computer tablets.  It seems like everyday a new tablet is released and this is because...well, pretty much every click to continue...

33 Best Gadgets for Parents from CES 2014

Where is my "I Survived the International Consumer Electronics Show" T-Shirt?  Really, with over 2 million square feet of gadgets, don't you think I deserve a T-Shirt for walking the whole show floor.  Okay, technically I walked 36,789 steps of show space, which I of course know because I was wearing a FitBug Orb tracker click to continue...

Disney Infinity

While kids might love the idea of a playing a video game where they drive like outlaws and blast away anything that moves, as Moms and Dads, we tend to have a different view of these mind numbing and violent games.  On the other hand, kids don't really see the fun in playing a video click to continue...

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11 Fun Gadgets for 2013

We talk a lot about toys here at Dad Does and various ways to help the kids be educated, entertained and happy.  Sure we have our Guide to the Top Toys of 2013, but what about us Dads and Moms?  We need to be entertained and kept happy as well! Let's get right to it click to continue...

Optical Illusion Watch

What do you get the gadget lover that has everything?  How about a watch.  No, not the typical watch that has hands, numbers and all those useless things.  No, we are talking about a watch with seemingly random lines and what looks like an impossible to read face.  Sounds perfect, right?  Well, as weird as click to continue...

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