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Cubetto Robot

Being a parent can be hard.  We try to do the right things for our kids, but we often get conflicting messages. Recently, educators have been talking about the need to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) from a very early age.  Perfect, I can get my child in front of the computer and click to continue...

Maker Studio

  Sometimes more is less. Take a construction toy, remove pieces needed to complete any models in the instruction book and boom you have a better toy! Make sense?  Yeah, we lost ourselves at "Sometimes..." Here is the deal, the new ThinkFun Maker Studio Winches Set is an awesome building toy that requires kids to click to continue...

Tiggly Shapes

Here at Dad Does we love toys, toddlers and technology.  The thing is, when we have tried to mix all three together at the same time...let's just say we have had less than stellar results.  Is it really sound parenting to hand your toddler your brand new iPad Air so they can try to beat click to continue...

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