Baobab Ice Cream

It's hot and you need to cool down.  You can hardly move, getting out of the chair feels like a herculean task.  You need... ice cream!  You need that cool sweet treat freezing your insides. But what happens after you finish that giant bowl of ice cream.  Sure it was cool and delicious, but it was click to continue...


I need to keep this short, I am without onions and that is just flat out irresponsible.  I am down at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, in search of far off exotic elixirs that will allow us Moms and Dads to live forever.  I fully expected this magic ingredient to involve trekking through click to continue...

Lovely Candy Co

by Dan Nessel It's back!  It's been way too long, but we are excited to say that Tasty Tuesday has made a triumphant return.  Simply put, Tasty Tuesday is the day when we talk about some of the yummy stuff we have been digging at Dad Does.  Amazingly, Tasty Tuesday always falls on a Tuesday...good click to continue...

Bite Hunter 2.0 App

The more things change, the more things stay the same.    We started as hunters and gathers, those Homo Sapiens were handy with a spear, taking down large animals for their meals. Flash forward 200,000 years and we are still hunting and a slightly different way. Now we hunt for great deals on our meals click to continue...

Almondina Cookie or Biscuit

Tasty Tuesday rolls on here at Dad Does.  Don't know what Tasty Tuesday is?  Click here for the scoop.  In short, all day today we are bringing you some snacks and treats that we have tried and declare to be tasty! A debate has been raging at the Dad Does offices and has spilled over click to continue...

Fair Food

Recently I took my family to the Big E - the state fair that takes place each year in Springfield, MA.  This is your basic fair - games of no-chance, death-trap rides, pigs that are bigger than  Pluto and of course the finest, healthiest cuisine on the planet. Keeping in the theme of a fair click to continue...


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