Curious George

While Dad Does is the self proclaimed place where Dads Do Things and Review Things, up until today, reviewing DVDs was not one of the things that Dads did.  Curiously it was a little monkey who finally got us to review a DVD...or was it that strange man who is always wearing that yellow hat click to continue...

Unlucky 13

For the last week, I have been having trouble sleeping - something has not been right.  I couldn't figure it out, since it was a great week for Dad Does.  Our Father's Day Gift Guide 2012 has been well received.  Readers seem to appreciate the fun and unique Father's Day gift ideas in the guide.  click to continue...

Tax Day Contest

Tax Day is normally April 15th, but because the 15th is a Sunday and the 16th is Patriot's Day - April 17th becomes the day we all dread.  Yeah, I get that the government needs some serious cash to operate, but it still smarts having to write those tax checks on April 17th. We were click to continue...

RedBox Party

Remember summer time?  It is light until 9pm and the kids, cousins and friends spend all their time running around  like mad outside and not driving you mad by being inside.  Flash forward to present day - gets dark around 4:30pm, too cold to play outside - a true recipe for stir craziness.  Wait, you click to continue...

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Storyland Yoga DVD by Playful Planet

Boy was I just itching to hate this DVD.  Playful Planet contacted Dad Does saying that they wanted us to review their Yoga DVD - Storyland Yoga - and give a Dad's point of view.  In the DVD kids learn yoga by imitating animals and going on two fun-filled adventures to help the planet.  All click to continue...

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