Regular readers of Dad Does know that we are not big fans of crowd funded tech projects (see OnagoFly and Lima).  We of course love the idea of new tech products, you can get at a discount by being an earlier backer, we just hate how many fail. So, why in the world would click to continue...

Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller Review

  Back in the day we used to target the bird demographic.  Seemed like a wide open niche, go after all those birds that love to read blogs...hmm, strange that never took off (could not resist). After paying an army of consultants to do extensive testing we discovered that most of our readers are ground click to continue...

Sky Viper Camera Drone

Sure we are all outraged by the NSA spying on us...but aren't we just a little jealous too?  I mean the NSA has all these super cool tech toys - drones, spy cameras, etc.  Now you and the kids can operate your own family version of the NSA with the Sky Viper Camera Drone from click to continue...


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