c20 Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

Dads, Moms and kids of all ages - we are going Coco for Coconut Water.  This post is the latest in our series of Coconut Water Reviews .  Be sure to read the other coconut water reviews and prepare yourself for the Dad Does Ultimate Coconut Water Blind Taste Test coming soon! I know that click to continue...

Young Coconuts

As we mentioned at the start of the week, we are are going Coconut Water Crazy at Dad Does!  All this week we will be reviewing coconut waters and at the end of the week we are doing the big Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test.  To start the week off, we went organic click to continue...

KidStrong Hydration Drink

Dads, how many times have you looked at your kids and thought something was wrong?  Moms, we know you love the little ones, but don't they look a little dehydrated to you?  Really, what parent has not looked at their children and said "Wow, looks like you could use some more Proactive Hydration"? After touring click to continue...

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