Lum Lums

We love tech.  We love toys.  We however, are not big fans of adding tech to toys when there is no real increase in play value and it just makes the toy more complicated and frustrating.  When we heard about Lum Lums from Imperial Toys, pocket sized toys that light up when you hold hands click to continue...

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Toy Fair 2013

Quick update, we are at Toy Fair 2013. looking for all the fun new toys you will pretend to buy for your kid, but admit it, you're the one who is going to play with them.   Going on 2 Pop-Tarts and limited sleep, so more complete and coherent updates coming soon.  Click to see click to continue...

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Vizi Doll from OOTW

The Girlaxy invasion has started and if you have young girls, resistance is futile.  Beware of Astra, Gigi, Techno and Vizi - they may look small and typical of vinyl-mation dolls, but the Out of This World (O.O.T.W) girls have some techno tricks tucked inside.   Yes, Blip Toys has unleashed their line of OOTW Collectible click to continue...


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