Father's Day 2016

Regular readers just read that headline and probably thought, "Yep, Dan has officially lost it.  Time to put him in a home." After all, search this site and you will see we have written endless Father's Day Gift Guides.  We declared war on boring Father's Day presents.  We have a YouTube Channel with over 800 click to continue...

9 Million Views on YouTube

Cedric, this is getting ridiculous.  You really can't spend your whole life sitting in a chair and looking at me like I'm nuts.  I'm nuts??? Who is the one who refuses to play piano, dance, dress like Santa or even fall off that chair you sleep on all an adorably cute way?  While a click to continue...

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NewAIr AB-1200

Football season is in full swing.  The Xbox One and Playstation 4 will be out soon.  Dads, clearly there are becoming less and less reasons to ever leave your Man Cave.  There is the problem that eating wings and pretzels will make you thirsty, so trips up to the kitchen for drinks was one of click to continue...


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