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Pocket Tripod

What is a best friend?  A best friend is always there for you and always supports you.  By this definition, The Pocket Tripod is your iPhone's new best friend.  It is the size of a credit card, so small and easy to carry - it is always there for your iPhone.  A couple of quick click to continue...

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What Does Dad Do?

“Both of my boys were down playing their Nintendos the whole time,” he said, “because this is what Dad does.” - New York Times 6/14/2012 Finally, the New York Times has come forward and told us what "Dad Does".   Just in the nick of time, right before Father's Day, we get to learn what Dad click to continue...

MyFox Houston Loves Dads

I think it is a well accepted fact that the best thing on TV is MyFox Houston.   People tell me there are other channels on my cable box - but I have put parental locks on everything EXCEPT MyFox Houston.  When I travel, I demand that my hotel carry MyFox Houston or I tell my click to continue...


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