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Top 9 Toys for Kids From CES 2014

9 Cool Toys for Kids from CES 2014

Clearly you could argue that everything at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a toy...for big kids with lots of disposal income, but today we focus on true toys for kids.  While the focus of CES is clearly on grownups (make sure to see our post on the 33 Best Gadgets for Parents), we click to continue...

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Product Review Bloggers

Here at Dad Does, we suffer from an identity crisis.  Yes, most of the writers are Dads (but we do have some Moms) and we tend to write about things that involve the family - so we must be Dad Bloggers.  Hold the phone, our focus is really doing real world product reviews - so click to continue...

Dad Blog

I mean really, this site is called Dad Does, but where is all the great parenting advice for Dads?  Sure, plenty of great toy reviews and product reviews, but where is the hard core, how to be a Dad stuff?  I have half a mind to demand a full refund! Like George Washington, I too click to continue...

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Japanese Soap

Time to tear down some stereotypes.  You think a Dad Blog can't do a Mother's Day Gift Guide filled with handmade crafts and awesome gift ideas?  Come on, it is 2011, clearly the year of the "Dad Bloggers Who Do Crafty Mother's Day Gift Guides".  Watch us shift gears from Crocs Sneakers for Men to click to continue...


Fact - Kids have sticky hands.  I don't know why and in truth I really don't want to know where the stickiness comes from.  I do know that when these sticky hands start hacking away at the family computer, you end up with a keyboard that could literally double as a piece of velcro...a disgusting click to continue...


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