No offense to my home, but it is just not the smartest home around.  If I want the lights to turn on, I have to flick a switch.  If someone enters my home while I'm away, what does my home do?  Nothing!  Clearly, my home needs to get smarter. If my home is going to click to continue...

D-Link AC750

There are a few things which normally live beneath your desk.  You have dust bunnies, a maze of cables and wires, a few chips that never found their way to your mouth and your Wi-Fi router.  Now D-Link is looking to raise the Wi-Fi router from an Under The Desk Dweller to a proud to click to continue...

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D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender

Are you impressed?  I am writing this post from a former Dead Zone in my house.  My WiFi router is in the basement and does a fine job covering the first floor in WiFi goodness, but up here in the second floor bedroom, the air is normally free of electrons and a complete WiFi dead click to continue...

D-Link DIR-505

The D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion (DIR 505) is a tech gadget that can transform any internet connection into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.  The D-Link DIR-505 (SharePort Mobile Companion) can also give you wireless access to any USB thumb drive or even charge your USB powered devices.  To review a high tech gadget like the DIR-505 you click to continue...

Costa Rica Reviews

Will the sacrifices we make for Dad Does ever stop?  Our latest saintly act is to travel all the way to beautiful Costa Rica, enduring incredible beaches, majestic Volcanoes and fascinating rain forests - just to give you the honest, real world reviews you have come to expect from us.   It really is amazing we click to continue...

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D-Link DCS-930 Wireless Camera

Moms and Dads are certainly no strangers to surveillance cameras.  Many of us have used simple wireless camera systems to look and listen in on our precious ones as they sleep...or don't sleep!   As technology moves forward, things are starting to get interesting in the world of surveillance cameras and today we review the D-Link click to continue...


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