More CES 2014

Since returning from the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014) in Las Vegas, we have been dreaming of robots, giant TVs and tracking devices.  On bad nights we have nightmares of robotic, giant TVs that are throwing tracking devices at us like throwing stars. As treatment for our PTTD (Post Traumatic Tech Disorder) we have been click to continue...

Wii U from Nintendo

As it turns out, we were not the only blog covering the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas last week.   Yes, there are now endless "what was cool" at CES articles, but not many have looked at things from a parent's point of view.  As Moms and Dads, our time is precious and click to continue...

7's Are Wild at Dad Does

Seven's are wild at Dad Does.  It started with Top 7 New Ways to Shoot Something from Toy Fair 2011, but maybe that was a little too violent for your taste.  We quickly followed up with the Top 7 Green Toys from Toy Fair 2011.   Still, I get the strong sense that your appetite click to continue...


Top 7 Green Toys from Toy Fair 2011

Audubon Birds

We have decided that 7 is the lucky number for 2011.  Last week we wrote about the Top 7 New Shooting Toys from Toy Fair 2011, and today we show our incredible versatility  by picking the Top 7  Green Toys from Toy Fair 2011.  Versatile on the type of toys we like, but never on click to continue...


The Sights and Sounds of Toy Fair 2011

Let's face it, sometimes you just don't feel like reading, but still want knowledge and information to enter your brain.  Fear not Moms and Dads, we now present the sights and sounds from Toy Fair 2011... httpv:// Toy Fair is the largest toy show in the Western Hemisphere and it took place in New York click to continue...


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