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Since returning from the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014) in Las Vegas, we have been dreaming of robots, giant TVs and tracking devices.  On bad nights we have nightmares of robotic, giant TVs that are throwing tracking devices at us like throwing stars. As treatment for our PTTD (Post Traumatic Tech Disorder) we have been click to continue...

Inner Balance App

Anyone who spends a lot of time around technology knows about "Tech Rage."  This is when technology that is suppose to make our life easier, goes terribly wrong and just stresses us out to point that we start throwing things and swearing we are going back to an abacus.  So, we take great interest when click to continue...


Top 9 Toys for Kids From CES 2014

9 Cool Toys for Kids from CES 2014

Clearly you could argue that everything at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a toy...for big kids with lots of disposal income, but today we focus on true toys for kids.  While the focus of CES is clearly on grownups (make sure to see our post on the 33 Best Gadgets for Parents), we click to continue...

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As we discussed in our coverage of CES2014, health and fitness trackers were everywhere!  While there are endless companies trying to get adults to be active with fitness trackers, there was only one company that seemed to understand that getting the whole family active was the best approach. GeoPalz was showing its new line of click to continue...

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33 Best Gadgets for Parents from CES 2014

Where is my "I Survived the International Consumer Electronics Show" T-Shirt?  Really, with over 2 million square feet of gadgets, don't you think I deserve a T-Shirt for walking the whole show floor.  Okay, technically I walked 36,789 steps of show space, which I of course know because I was wearing a FitBug Orb tracker click to continue...


After walking all 2 million square feet of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) in Las Vegas, I can say with 100% certainty that the PC is dead.  Basically nobody was showing off standard desktop PCs, goodbye PCs, you had a nice run.  The other interesting thing I discovered, with once again 100% certainty click to continue...


No disrespect to Mr. McGuire and The Graduate, but I have one word for you...are you listening? Yes, we are still at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) in Las Vegas, tired, delirious and dehydrated from walking 14,304 steps yesterday...I counted.  Okay, technically I didn't count, but the FitBug Orb tracker I have been click to continue...

Miix 2

We have arrived in Las Vegas, ready to bring you the latest and greatest for parents from the insanely big International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014).  1.9 Million Square Feet of gadgets, 150,000 people from all over the world and TVs so big you will need to buy a bigger home just to house them. Take click to continue...

CES 2014

Got some new awesome gadgets for the holidays?  Feeling pretty good about finally have the latest and greatest in technology?  Well, don't get too attached to that feeling, starting January 5th 2014, everything you own will be old news.  Yes, just mere days after the holidays we will learn about the real latest and greatest click to continue...


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