Karotz Smart Rabbit by Mindscape

This was the first Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that Dad Does has attended.  This means two things.  First, none of the other Consumer Electronics Shows count, since we weren't there.  You can now start counting CES using A.D. years... "after Dad Does". Secondly, since we have now attended one CES, we are completely qualified to click to continue...

Top Toys From CES

We spent one day at the The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on a specific mission.   On this day we buzzed right by the TVs, mobile devices and computers that beeped at us. We had a laser focus, we were on the search for cool toys for kids!  Yesterday we wrote about 5 Gadgets that click to continue...


You probably think that picture up there is a ball. Yeah, right - why would write about a ball? No, what you are looking at is not even real. It is a rendering of the Sphero - the robotic 74mm in diameter, inductive charging, controlled via bluetooth and smartphones...ball. Or as we like to call click to continue...

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