air prey cat toy

Here at Dad Does we have reviewed over 700 toys.  Toys for kids of all ages.  Everything from the most advanced tech toys to toys that don't even have a power switch. Yet, with all these toy reviews, something has been missing.... toys for PETS!  Well, let's fix that today... Please watch our video review click to continue...

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I thought we had it made in the shade.  As many of our readers know, we have a Dad Does YouTube Channel we are actively growing.  As far less readers know, we also have a cat named Cedric - Yeah, like Cedric The Entertainer.  Oh, this is gonna be big, a cat named Cedric, a click to continue...


You probably think that picture up there is a ball. Yeah, right - why would write about a ball? No, what you are looking at is not even real. It is a rendering of the Sphero - the robotic 74mm in diameter, inductive charging, controlled via bluetooth and smartphones...ball. Or as we like to call click to continue...

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