Story Leather iPad case

By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire I bought a new iPad 2 and what did I need then? Accessories, of course. Technology is nothing without accessories. Cell phones need covers, and an iPad is no different.  While any cover will offer some protection of the iPad, I wanted a cover that would compliment the clean design of click to continue...

Puregear Smartphone Support System

Let's face it - everyone needs a support system.  Dads and Moms need a support system for when it seems like their kid is the only one at the party having a melt down.  Grown kids need support for when their parents keep dropping hints about having some grand kids before they die.   Now it click to continue...

West 280 iOpener

You hear that?  Listen carefully and you can hear bottle caps across the land screaming..."No, not the iOpener, please..."  Can you blame the bottle caps?  How would you like to have a 304 food grade stainless steel opener effortlessly twisting you in half? The iOpener by West 280 is an iPhone 3GS case (comes in click to continue...

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Dad Does Approved

After walking the 1.6 million square feet of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and seeing some of the most amazing technology on earth, what was one of the things that impressed us most?  The Be a HeadCase iPhone Bottle Opener Case! We absolutely know how bizarre this sounds - picking an iphone case with a click to continue...


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