Teflon Shield Wiper Blades Review

We review a lot of fun and exciting products here at Dad Does.   Really, who doesn't get excited about an RC helicopter that fires missiles?  Unfortunately life is not all about using RC helicopters to take pot shots at your son.  Sometimes you need to be a responsible parent and do things like drive safe click to continue...

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Griffin SmartTalk Solar

As we move toward summer, we tend to think about protecting ourselves from the sun.  Time to start putting on sun screen, wearing beach hats - all in effort to make sure the kids don't get burned.  Griffen is taking a much more "sun friendly" approach with their release of the SmartTalk Solar BlueTooth Speakerphone click to continue...


You're driving along, kids screaming in the back, DVD player turned up so loud you secretly wish your ear drums would pop and end your agony.  But then it happens, the magically GPS voice starts talking to you - what did she say?  Was that "turn right in 200 feet" or  "turn on the light click to continue...


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