Hockey Mask

As a kid who grew up in NYC,  I learned everything I know about camping from watching Friday The 13th movies.  If you ask me the top 10 ways to stay safe when camping, #1 would be run when you see the guy in the hockey mask and #2 through #10 would be run faster click to continue...

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A headline like that and you still chose to read this post?  Wow, you live life on the edge - I love it.  So, have you had to unbutton your pants and loosen your belt yet?  Well, the increasing waist size does not happen right away, you first need to do the live chat of click to continue...


If you need me, I'll be here ducking behind this desk.  Yes, I expect to take some grief for leading with a headline that knocks the biggest social networks in the galaxy.  With 800 Million users it often feels like every living person, and half of the deceased, are on Facebook.   Twitter is THE place click to continue...


While I wish I lived in a tropical climate where we could go camping and have campfires all winter long, I don't.  Up here in the Northeast, camping and having a real campfire in the winter months can be a bit of a challenge.  This is why I suggest you all join me around the click to continue...


Fall is in full swing.  The nights are getting cold and the days grow short.   It is right about now that I start to long for the campfires of summer, with the stories, sharing and Smores!  While we can't bring the long days of summer back right now, we can get that campfire to never click to continue...

McDonalds Smores

Wow, I never realized how terrible my childhood was.  Back in the day, if I wanted to enjoy Smores - the miracle food handed down directly from the heavens - I had to sit around a campfire.   Often I was forced to camp, swim, play and then sit outside on a beautiful starlit night with click to continue...


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