Black & Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

Sometimes I wish I could hire a 4 year old as a contractor.  Sure, they don't have the greatest technique when it comes to construction projects, but boy do they have the desire and will!  If you have a little builder who wants to fix things just like Dad, then you need to know about click to continue...

Zometool Creator 1

Just when you think you have seen every type of building and construction set they could possibly dream up, something like Zometool comes along to blur the line between building, math, science and discovery.    We recently got a chance to test out the aptly named Zometool Creator 1 set...and create you can!  The kit comes click to continue...

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Building Bookshelves for the Community

In case you somehow missed it, for the last 2 days we have been discussing my attempt to work with the family and do some good in the community (read and watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this series).  In our last segment we managed to get the bookshelves put together and now it click to continue...

Building Bookshelves

Yesterday we started our project - Helping the Community, One BookShelf At A Time.  As we explained, we are trying to help a local school by building them a bookshelf.   For the normal Dad, who actually knows how to build things, this may not sound like a big deal, but I am no normal Dad.  click to continue...


I will never take bookshelves for granted again.  From this day forward, I will appreciate all the bookshelves of the world, I have learned my lesson.  Sorry, have I lost you?  Perhaps I should back up a bit... As a Dad, I firmly believe that it is important to do projects with my family that click to continue...


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