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No Battery Toys

We have been posting tons of videos of the cool toys we saw at Toy Fair.  Videos are great for capturing things that fly, smash, crash, shoot and explode.  The thing is, Toy Fair is filled with plenty of cool games, puzzles and toys that don't fly around...but still are insanely fun.  So, today we click to continue...

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Design a Better Board Game

All you Moms and Dads go back to your work or 50th load of laundry for the day, today I want to talk to the kids.  Yes, this is just for the 5-12 year old crowd, a group who I am mentally much more in tune with anyway.  Kids, have you ever played a board click to continue...

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By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire Most people should be familiar with the advent of the popular word game Bananagrams. Bananagrams has similarities to Scrabble except each player has a pile of random letters that they make into their own grid, using more letters until the pool runs dry and someone has a complete grid. Encased in click to continue...


There are plenty of games that teach our kids skills like reading, math and logic - but what about the real skills they need in life?  Some day our kids will grow up and have kids of their own.  When their kids make them the world's most disgusting breakfast in bed, they will have to click to continue...


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