Are you tired of high tech gadgets that seem cool, but just stress you out? Done figuring out drivers, firmware and configuration files? If so, you don't need to give up on cool gadgets, you just need to get a gadget that will keep you calm. Enter the Kewlkit KL5 Eva Lamp and Speaker.  At first click to continue...

Sengled Pulse Review

Every once in a while we review a gadget and say "Man, how come we didn't think of that!"  This is exactly the reaction we had with the Sengled Pulse.  The Sengled Pulse Starter Kit is a set of two light bulbs that fit in a standard light socket.  Not impressed yet?  What if I click to continue...


We are all busy, so let's cut right to the chase...most KickStarter campaigns suck.  Don't get me wrong, we love the ideas and the creativity...but all too often the companies don't deliver on the promise of the campaign.  It is for this reason that we ignore the vast majority of Kickstarter pitches we get each click to continue...

OT-Adapt Bluetooth Wireless Adapter

I have a new goal for 2013 - to never pull my iPhone out of my pocket!  Don't laugh, at CES we saw countless smart watches that allow you to answer calls from your phone.  Bluetooth headphones that allow you to listen to tunes while keeping your phone in your pocket have been around for click to continue...

Griffin SmartTalk Solar

As we move toward summer, we tend to think about protecting ourselves from the sun.  Time to start putting on sun screen, wearing beach hats - all in effort to make sure the kids don't get burned.  Griffen is taking a much more "sun friendly" approach with their release of the SmartTalk Solar BlueTooth Speakerphone click to continue...

Bringrr Smart Charger

Want to see a Mom or Dad freak out?  Take away their cell phone and send them out for the day. Oh the things that could go wrong.  What if Jimmy gets sick at school and they need to reach you? What if the school gets sick of Jimmy and they really need to reach you?  Yes click to continue...


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