Product Reviews on Amazon

Take a look at the above screenshot from Amazon, taken on 7/24/2013 at 6:30pm EST.  The Google Chromecast looks pretty good, with an average of 4 stars from 30 reviews.  Here is a closer breakdown of the reviews - 18 Five star reviews, impressive.  Let's take a closer look at one - Can't beat that click to continue...

Grand ST

You want fresh food, you go to a Farmer's Market.  But what if you want fresh gadgets?  Then you need to go to Grand St.  Come on, did you really think you were going to find the PIXEL LED Art - at BestBuy? No, in this new world of crowdsourced everything, not all consumer electronics click to continue...

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Negative Product Reviews

Last week we did a post on the alarming trend of product review bloggers who review products, without ever using the products.  Clearly the folks at that small, scrappy startup - The New York Times, must read Dad Does, because yesterday they followed up by running a fascinating piece on fake negative product reviews. Our click to continue...

7 Million Views

I thought we had it made in the shade.  As many of our readers know, we have a Dad Does YouTube Channel we are actively growing.  As far less readers know, we also have a cat named Cedric - Yeah, like Cedric The Entertainer.  Oh, this is gonna be big, a cat named Cedric, a click to continue...


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