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Cedric, this is getting ridiculous.  You really can't spend your whole life sitting in a chair and looking at me like I'm nuts.  I'm nuts??? Who is the one who refuses to play piano, dance, dress like Santa or even fall off that chair you sleep on all an adorably cute way?  While a click to continue...

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Much has changed in the world of gadgets, electronics and computers in the past 10 years.   In addition to now carrying around phones more powerful than the computers we owned a decade ago, there are endless online ways to buy and research gadgets.  Social sites, auction sites, group buying sites - clearly even buying click to continue...


Last week, Retrevo, the gadget and tech review aggregator decided it was going to start selling many of the tech products that it reviews.   Retrevo made it clear that the fact that they are now in the business of selling products will have absolutely no impact on the reviews that they offer.   This of click to continue...


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