Biscotti Tv Phone

A couple of months back we reviewed the Biscotti Video Phone ($149).  The Biscotti Video Phone is actually not a cookie, rather it is a very cool gadget that turns your TV into a HD Video Phone and Video Chat machine!  Click here to read our full hands-on review of the Biscotti Video Phone and click to continue...

Almondina Cookie or Biscuit

Tasty Tuesday rolls on here at Dad Does.  Don't know what Tasty Tuesday is?  Click here for the scoop.  In short, all day today we are bringing you some snacks and treats that we have tried and declare to be tasty! A debate has been raging at the Dad Does offices and has spilled over click to continue...

CES 2012

We have written a great deal about all the cool gadgets we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas.  From the top gadgets to make a parent's life easier to fitness gadgets to get you going.   The problem is, by writing our updates we have completely excluded that large segment of click to continue...

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Biscotti TV Phone

Every year, for the past 5 years was supposed to be the year of the video chat.  The idea that grandparents could video chat with their grandkids and friends who live on opposite ends of the globe could connect via video calls is incredibly appealing.  Unfortunately, due to to technical limitations, complicated equipment and competing click to continue...


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