Beywarrior Shogun Steel

Beyblades, the toy that wouldn't die.  Sure, that might not be the exact ad copy that Hasbro would go with for their Beyblade spinning and battling tops, but it is incredibly accurate.  When beyblades were first released in 2000, it seemed like a fun spinning top toy that would last for maybe 18 months.  Yet click to continue...

Micro Chargers Hyper Dome - Battle Dome

The other day we talked about Battroborg and how robots always seem to like to battle.  Well, it is not just robots that dig the whole battling thing.  Now Micro Race Cars are getting into the battling action with the Micro Chargers Light Racers Hyper Dome.  Charge these race cars up for just 10 seconds click to continue...

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BeyBlade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set

I have a developed a foolproof test to determine if you have 7-10 year old boys in your house.  Take a look at these terms... Face bolt, Battle Core, Spin Track, Meteo L-Drago, Let It Rip If you actually understand those terms, you have a 7-10 year old boy in your house!  For those of click to continue...


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