best summer toys 2012

Summer Heat

It is hot - in some places, crazy, stinking hot!  Rain is hard to come by - much of the country has drought warnings.  With the high heat and low water, there are only two things that seem to flourish....weeds and our guide to the best Summer Toys of 2012! In case you missed it click to continue...

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We have been covering some toys with incredible technology. A car, that can also fly and fire missiles?  Done it.  A robotic battle turret that can track a helicopter and shoot it out of the sky?  Been there, done that.  As much as we love our battery hungry techy toys, we are always suckers for click to continue...

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Summer Toys

Summer is in full swing.  It is hot, the days are long and that date you have circled in September for when the kids go back to school seems light years away!  Of course we all love our precious children, but they are even more lovable when they spend the day playing outside instead of click to continue...


May 2013 Update: While all the toys in this guide are still awesome, we now have a brand new Best Outdoor Toys for 2013 Guide.  Come take a look at our Top Outdoor Toys for 2013. Summer 2012 is here! I know that because sweat is dripping off my head into the keyboard as I click to continue...


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