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Having trouble sleeping?  You could count sheep, but if you really want to knock yourself out, just read a long technical discussion on the merits of external battery pack chargers.  Yeah we get it, external battery packs like the Mogix are not the most exciting of topics.  The thing is, you know all those cool click to continue...

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FatCat Gear PowerBar

The old business school saying goes "Good products solve problems".  Notice they never said good products had to be fun and exciting, the key is solving a problem.   The FatCat 4200 PowerBar is a boring gadget.  It is basically a 4 ounce external battery pack travel charger.   While a battery pack may not get you click to continue...

New Trent Charger

GUJNQVNWXDTE Don't click close on your browser yet!  I know what you are thinking - how boring, techy and geeky to review an external battery pack (and if you were not thinking that - shame on you) but this little device saved my sanity, or more accurately, it saved the sanity of all the people sitting click to continue...


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