baby monitor

Air Sense

Hey Moms and Dads - don't kill the messenger.  I know, the last thing parents need is another thing to worry about.  Yet, here I am, with a very scary stat... The EPA list indoor air pollution as a top 5 environmental risk to public health. Not freaked yet?  How about this one... The World click to continue...

Samsung Brightview

9 years ago we used a Baby Video Monitor.  Actually to call it a video monitor is not really accurate.  It was more like a weird black and white monitor, that showed shadowy, jumpy images of something that maybe resembled our child.  At points sound would come out of the monitor...often from the cordless phone click to continue...

D-Link DCS 932L

Ever wonder what really goes on in the kid's room when you turn the lights off?  Well, wonder no more!  The D-Link DCS-932L Wireless Camera allows parents everywhere to see and hear what is going on, even in total darkness.  Kids everywhere are probably cursing D-Link right about now. We do a lot of video click to continue...


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