iRig Mic

As parents, we all have precious kids who do incredibly talented and cute things.  When our kids do said things, we all grab our iPhones and start shooting video.  While iPhones, iPads and Android devices are great for capturing the video of the moment, they don't do a great job of capturing the sounds of click to continue...

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Have you ever met someone who said, "Man, I wish there was a way to have more wires in my life?"  Me neither.  Everyone loves the idea of wireless headphones and speakers, but the catch is often the steep price tag to go wireless.  Now a company called mWorks! is looking to bring wireless, Bluetooth click to continue...

Kidz Gear Headphones

We are on a new kick here at Dad Does - we believe things you put on your head, should fit your head!  We recently reviewed the Fatheadz sunglasses - sunglasses for people with big heads.  Today we go in the other direction and review Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids - headphones made to fit click to continue...


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