Stop motion animation is cool.  We can debate and argue about many things, but it is just a fact that stop motion animation is inherently good.  Thus, tools that easily allow you to make stop motion animations are awesome. A while back we reviewed StikBot.  These funny little posable figures, that when combined with the click to continue...

Garfield's Comic Boom

As a Dad, I often feel old.  My kids are into things I can't even understand and I have even caught myself saying "When I was your age..."  So, it always makes me feel better when there is something from my past that my kids are into as well.  Garfield is one of those things.  click to continue...

Flip Boom All Star

I am not sure why so many parents are concerned about our kids learning superfluous skills like reading and math.   Nice skills to have, but really how will those skills help our kids get jobs in the future?  Everyone knows that within 10 years everything we see will be some form of computer animation, so click to continue...


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