FatCat Gear PowerBar

The old business school saying goes "Good products solve problems".  Notice they never said good products had to be fun and exciting, the key is solving a problem.   The FatCat 4200 PowerBar is a boring gadget.  It is basically a 4 ounce external battery pack travel charger.   While a battery pack may not get you click to continue...

Cell Lock-Up

Isn't technology grand?  Now, instead of having a family conversation at dinner, we can all hack away at our phones and avoid the annoyance of social interaction.  Wait, I got that wrong - technology sucks...especially at dinner time.  If you are a Mom or Dad who has had it with the teens always punching away click to continue...

Wi Spi RC Helicopter

Now this is flat out unfair.  Last year I had a blast flying around the Wi-Fli Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts and felt cheated that cool R/C flying toys like this were not around when I was a kid.  This year, Interactive Toy ups the unfair ante with the release of the Wi-Spi Helicopter.  This click to continue...

CarBot by Desk Pets

What do you get when you mix a car, a robot and a pet? If you are the engineers at Desk Pets you get The CarBot.  Knock those images of a robotic dog with wheels out of your head, the CarBot looks like a car...a very small car.  The CarBot is about the size of click to continue...

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WiFli Bladerunner Interceptor Helicopter

Sometimes I wonder, just how smart is my smartphone?  Sure it can find my exact location, tell me where to get a decent burger and on a good day even make phone calls.  Fine, but it is not like my phone is smart enough to fly a helicopter....or is it???  Introducing the Wi-Fli Bladerunner Interceptor click to continue...

Top Apps For Parents

Mother's Day has come and gone.  Father's Day - stick a fork in it, it is done.  Our guess is that between the gift giving of Mother's Day and Father's Day there are some Moms and Dads out there who are proud new owners of smartphones and tablets. Got a shinny new iPad 2?  I'm click to continue...

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