I know, the title to this post sounds like some spammy click bait, but give us a few minutes to prove that Wikibuy really is a legitimate, no-risk, money saving tool for anyone who shops online. Take a look at the video we did, where we used Wikibuy to save some bucks... I am a click to continue...

Amazon Echo

Let me get this out of the way, right from the start.  I will write a whole bunch of words about the Amazon Echo, some of them may even be over three letters and on rare occasions be multisyllabic words.  I will show you not one, but two videos on the Amazon Echo. When all is said click to continue...

Amazon Smile

There have been numerous studies on the health benefits of smiling.  The simple act of smiling causes the release of Endorphins in the body.  Endorphins are neurotransmitters that make us feel happy and less stressed.  Fine you are saying, you already knew that.  Well, here is a fun fact on smiling that you may not click to continue...

Four Leaf Clover

For every 10,000 three leaf clovers, Mother Nature will throw in a four leaf clover...just to keep things interesting.  This makes your odds of finding a four leaf clover about 1 in 10,000.  Hardly seems worth looking through a field of 10,000 clovers to find that one four leaf clover.  Unfortunately, after reading this NYT click to continue...

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Product Reviews on Amazon

Take a look at the above screenshot from Amazon, taken on 7/24/2013 at 6:30pm EST.  The Google Chromecast looks pretty good, with an average of 4 stars from 30 reviews.  Here is a closer breakdown of the reviews - 18 Five star reviews, impressive.  Let's take a closer look at one - Can't beat that click to continue...


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