15 Favorite Kids and Teen Books of 2012

15 Top Books for Kids and Teens 2012

By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire 2013 is upon us and the year is wrapped up at last. It is always a challenge to find the best new books for kids. Most of the time, you end up with whatever the Scholastic Book Fair at school is selling (not to say that those are necessarily poor choices) click to continue...

ZenWheels Micro Car

Remember when your iPhone was just a pocket computer, GPS, music player, TV, camera, voice recorder, game machine and wait, I know I am forgetting one...oh yeah, phone.   All of that was fine, but how is a guy supposed to control his RC army of cars, planes and helicopters?  So, they came up with apps click to continue...

Bad Dad

Man o man have we had the blinders on.  We have spent the past 6 weeks working on our Father's Day Gift Guide 2012.  We have searched for the most fun, interesting and thoughtful gifts for Dad this Father's Day.  The problem is, we made an assumption and we all know what happens when we click to continue...


It's coming, It's Coming, IT"S COMING! Yes, the highest of all high holy days is almost here. We are of course speaking of FATHER'S DAY! Yep, put a big, giant red circle around June 17th, 2012 - that is when Father's Day falls this year and Dad's everywhere are showered with....ties! What? No, we don't click to continue...


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