Product Review Pledge

Dad Does Real, Relevant & Riveting Review Pledge

At Dad Does we are fed up with boring and biased product reviews and we are not going to take it anymore! We believe that products reviews should be real, relevant and even riveting. Here is our 4 point pledge to you…

  • All Product Reviews Will be Real

We pledge that we will only publish a product review once we have had ample time to use, test, play with, bang around and live with a product.  No lightning reviews where we just spit back a press release.

  • All Product Reviews Will be Relevant

We pledge to provide relevant information about products that will help you decide if the product can make your life easier and/or better.  We know you can find the specifications on a product on the manufacturer’s website, so we will focus on how the product works in real world settings.

  • All Product Reviews Will Be Riveting

We pledge to NOT put you to sleep with our reviews!  We will use videos, humor, caffeine shot through your computer speakers – what ever it takes.  Riveting?  Okay, maybe that is a stretch – but we will do our best not to be boring.

  • All Product Reviews Will Be Brutally Honest

We pledge to NEVER accept payment for a product review.  Product reviews will be brutally honest and try to answer the simple question – will this product make the everyday life of Dads and Moms easier, better and/or more fun?

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