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Most sites ask for your email so they can send you a newsletter, filled with ads, that you will never read.  Not us – remember we are different!

Why Join Dad Does? When you become a member, birds sing, the clouds part and life gets better :)  Ever have a problem with a company?  You let us know, we will get your back, and shout at them for you.   Want incredible deals on cool products? We will use our numbers to negotiate sweet deals.  Want to be the first to try out neat products and let the world know what you think?  Perfect, come on in!  Together, we will make all of our lives better.

Of course Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and All People Are Welcome!

Do You Like Winning Stuff? All members are automatically entered into any giveaways we do on the site.  You do NOT have to follow anyone, like anything of jump through any hoops!  If you are a member of Dad Does, you are good to win!

A smart person said people like charts, so we made this chart…

Cost Benefit Analysis of Joining Dad Does

Benefits of Joining Dad Does Cost
Receive Free Product Samples $0
Receive Products to Test and Review Nothing
Product Giveaways For the Stuff Dads Really Want Zilch
Receive Discounts and Exclusive Coupons Nada
Purchase Products at Wholesale Prices Number that comes before 1 and after -1
A Whole Bunch of Dads Have Your Back if You Have a Problem with a Company Nil
An Incredible Community of Dads to Hang With Zip
Strength in Numbers – Ability to Do Good, Make a Difference and Have Fun What You Have After Putting Kids through College – $0

In addition, you have our Dad Blood Brothers Iron Clad Cross Our Hearts Promise to never SPAM you.  Dads don’t spam other Dads – it is part of the code.

There you have it, absolute mathematically proof that you should join Dad Does.

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