Toy Fair 2015

Video Reviews from Toy Fair - Part 2

Toy Fair 2015, which took place in February 2015, was filled with thousands of new toys coming out in 2015.  Some were awesome, some were terrible and many were, well, just ordinary. In Part 1 of our Toy Fair 2015 in Full Living Color Video we gave a taste of some of the toys we click to continue...

LightUp Edison Kit Review

I ask you, is there anything that magnets don't make better?  Our love of magnets is well documented, but that love just grew stronger with the LightUp Edison Kit. We first saw the LightUp electronics and circuit building kits at Toy Fair 2015, but now we have had a chance to play and learn with the click to continue...

Toy Videos

Yes, we spent 4 days at the International Toy Fair in NYC in February 2015.  We saw thousands of new toys coming out in 2015.  We saw things that can never be a pet dog that poops...and then you feed him his poop and...wait for it...he poops some more.  That was a hard one click to continue...


This post is not what you think it is.   From the title this may seem like a coherent roundup of the best and worst products at the 2015 International Toy Fair that just took place in New York City.  Sorry, it is actually incoherent therapy for me after the emotional roller coaster of attending click to continue...


We are getting ready to hit the show floor at Toy Fair NYC tomorrow.  We will be looking at thousands of new toys, trying to figure out what will be the hits of 2015.  While predicting what will be popular come the 2015 holidays is a bit of challenge, figuring out what was super popular click to continue...


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