Tired Eyes

Let's be honest Moms and Dads, we are not getting any younger here.  Reading all these words, on computers, phones or tablets - no easy task for our tired eyes.  Yet we still want to know about all the latest and greatest gadgets.  Whatever can we do? If the fine Penguins of Madagascar can Smile click to continue...

Misfit Flash

At 11:45pm last night I started running, like a caged rat, in my basement.  The night before, much to the amazement of my sleepy cat, I started walking loops around my house.  While this may sound like the actions of a Dad who has spent a little too much time around glue sticks, there is click to continue...

ChefJet Printed Chocolate Rose

Never stop learning.  That is some powerful advice I drop on the kids and usually scores me some major blank stares crossed with a little bit of the "have you taken your meds Dad" look.  No matter, I decided to actually listen to myself and do some serious learning while walking the 2.2 million square click to continue...

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CES 2015 Problem Solving

I have watched enough episodes of Shark Tank and read my fair share of front covers of business books, therefore I know this to be true – I have also seen All The Presidents Men, twice, therefore in addition to being a business guru I am also a hard hitting investigative journalist.  Wearing my business click to continue...

CES 2015

Remember way back in 2014...say around December 25th, when some loving soul got you that awesome cutting edge tech gadget that you have always wanted?  Remember that happy feeling you had, knowing you had the latest and greatest technology?  Well, be happy you had that feeling for a few days, because it all comes crashing click to continue...

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