What is DadDoes.Com?

Dads Do many different things.  Dad Does Travel, Dad Does Sports, Dad Does Food, Dad Does Electronics, Dad Does Toys – you get the idea.  Dads do the same things that “regular people” do, but as Dads we have slightly different priorities and concerns – we see everything we do through a “dad lens”.

DadDoes is a community where Dads talk about life, use products and review products.  

Ready for our dirty little secret?

Dads is actually a code word.  What it really means is – Dads, Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents… basically anyone who is touched by children and now sees the world with a slightly different view.  Yep, the secret is out, we not only have plenty of Moms reading this blog, we even have Moms writing for Dad Does.  I know, total mind blow.

So, pretty clear right?  A community of everyone who has ever seen a kid, talking about everything… what could possibly go wrong. Okay? we will try to be a little more specific…

A single guy or gal looking to buy a 50” LCD TV will have certain concerns such as contrast ratio, number of inputs, refresh rate and resolution.  A Dad or Mom looking to buy a 50” LCD TV will care about those specs but they also need to know things like – can the TV survive being blasted with a Nerf bullets, does the remote survive being bounced off the sofa and will the Wii image burn into my screen when my kids leave it on.

DadDoes.Com will provide in depth reviews, original articles on a host of topics and summaries of stories that any parent would find interesting. But this is really about having a conversation and having fun.

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Enough of all these words, we need some moving images…

Why Read What You Can Watch

Typing is not easy.  Moving fingers along a keyboard, in some type of order – what is the fun in that?  Perhaps the only thing worse than typing is reading.  Come on, how is a person supposed to stay interested when their poor eyes need to make sense of endless words???

Fear not, we feel your pain and we’ve got your back.

While we still are guilty of doing some writing here at Dad Does, we have been busy making countless product review videos over on our YouTube Channel


We have done well over 600 product review videos – everything from toys and travel to gadgets and cars.  The videos really provide a great way for us to show you products in action…without having to burn your retina with endless printed words.

Speaking of boring words, this page has gone on long enough…

Enjoy – Together We Will Have Some Fun,

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