CES 2014 Coverage: Everything You Own Is Now Obsolete

CES 2014

CES 2014

Got some new awesome gadgets for the holidays?  Feeling pretty good about finally have the latest and greatest in technology?  Well, don’t get too attached to that feeling, starting January 5th 2014, everything you own will be old news.  Yes, just mere days after the holidays we will learn about the real latest and greatest in technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) in Las Vegas.

Hope You Weren’t Too Attached To Your 60″ LCD TV

Did Santa bring you a giant 60″ 3D LCD HDTV this year?  Well, you might want to file a complaint with his elves.  The new new thing in TVs is 4K resolution and 3D without having to wear those silly glasses.   Of course it is not just your TV that will be obsolete soon, basically any gadget you own, which couldn’t possibly get thinner, lighter or better – will!  Magically, tablets will shed ounces, laptops will bend and transform in amazing new ways, cars will drive themselves and robots will write product review blogs (not sure about that last one, but we sure could use a vacation).

Dad Does Will Provide Full Coverage, Please Don’t Kill The Messenger

For the fourth year we will be traveling to Las Vegas to provide complete coverage of the CES 2014 show.  To say the show is huge is a huge understatement.  The show is insanely large, over 1.9 Million square feet of show space, well over 150,000 people will be in attendance and more than 3,200 companies showing off gadgets – simply put, the largest consumer electronics show in the world.

Given the size, we may not get to everything, but we will try to search out the latest and greatest gadgets that could make a Dad or Mom’s life a little easier, better or more fun in some way.  Of course we will also let you know about the coolest tech toys that your kids will be begging for in 2014.  Stay tuned as we will provide posts and videos (on our YouTube Channel) of the whole CES experience.

One thing, as you watch our coverage and start to freak out as you realize that everything you own will soon be obsolete, please don’t kill the messenger.  We’re just reporting on what we see….and if you want someone to blame, blame Lenovo…

On Two Levels Lenovo Is To Blame For All This

The fine folks at Lenovo are picking up our expenses to go to the CES2014 show, so you can blame them for us telling you that your gadgets are obsolete.  To add insult to injury, Lenovo will also be a major player in making cool new gadgets that you will lust for.  In 2013 we talked about the amazing Lenovo Yoga 11S notebook, Horizon Table PC and Yoga Tablet, but get ready for plenty of new innovation to be announced by Lenovo at CES 2014.  Seriously, we do want to thank Lenovo for helping us get out to CES 2014 and allowing us to provide coverage of the show.

Enjoy Those Gadgets For The Next Few Days

The Consumer Electronics show gets rolling on 1/5/14.  This means you still have a few more days to feel good about all those shiny gadgets you got  for the holidays.  Then, starting in January, everything new is old again!  You got to love technology.

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